4 Easy Ways to Prevent Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is a malignant tumor that is often found, especially for the people of Indonesia. But did you know that the disease is closely related to our daily lives? For example environmental pollution, heredity, the spread of the virus, the bad habits in daily life and mental poor, etc., some of these bad factors can add to the risks of liver cancer. If so, how do I prevent liver cancer in everyday life?

1. Do not eat food that is moldy

Corn, beans and other foods contain aflatoxin berfregmentasi high levels, these kinds of substances classified as carcinogens, is one factor that can cause liver cancer. In addition, aflatoxin can lead to the proliferation of human or animal bile, spleen, kidney, testis, brain, and nervous system changes, and suppress immunity. Consuming these substances in excess can lead to death.

2. Injection Hepatitis B vaccine

Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis HCV may increase the risk of liver cancer. Therefore, vaccination is the method most practical and effective, especially vaccination against hepatitis B. A study showed that hepatitis B vaccination, effective after 10 years of hepatitis B virus antigen carrier rate decreased from 10% to 1.3%. And after 16 years, effectively lowering the risk of liver cancer.

3. Controlling mood, keep calm

Good and bad moods very large effect on the health of the body, are in distress and upset the atmosphere in the long term, can increase the risk of liver cancer. Therefore, in our daily life, you should be able to control mood, keep it in a good atmosphere, is beneficial for health.

4. Conduct regular ultrasound examination

Ultrasound examination is an effective way to detect early-stage liver cancer. Against groups of people at high risk of liver cancer, for example, patients with hepatitis B, hepatitis B patients who carry the virus, there is a history of cancer in the family, a group of these people must perform an ultrasound examination. In addition, for those who experience fatigue in the long term, the pressure on youth employment, should also conduct an ultrasound examination.

By paying attention to the food and hygiene, maintaining a good lifestyle, can effectively prevent liver cancer. In addition, knowing the symptoms of liver cancer early on, can detect liver cancer at an early stage.

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