5 Reasons to Switch to Monitor Ultra-Wide?

In recent years, many manufacturers offer monitor monitor LCD / LED display with ultra-wide which means it has a screen resolution ratio ( aspect ratio ) that is wider than commonly used today. Yes, the ultra-wide monitor has an average aspect ratio 21: 9 where most of the LCD monitor / conventional LEDs on the market has aspect ratio of 16: 9.

The screen aspect ratio 21: 9 course offers several advantages when compared with the 16: 9 screen. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of users who are not aware of it, so it is still hesitant to switch to ultra-wide monitor, and prefer the LCD monitor / conventional LEDs. However, in general, a person will need a monitor screen should be met easily if you choose to display 21: 9!

Create your with what are the advantages of ultra-wide screen, here are some reasons and advantages switching to ultra-wide curved monitor, as our experience using ultra-wide curved monitor.

Space Motion and Workspace Wider

With a wider ratio, automatically makes you’ll get a number of pixels more that will make you more freedom to work the mouse, put the icon on the desktop as much as possible and open the windows work wherever you like best ultrawide monitor


Many professional users need a PC system with multi-monitor configurations are even of more than two pieces. Unfortunately, this configuration usually takes up a lot of space. By using ultra-wide monitor is 21: 9. we feel no need to use multi-monitor configurations at work. No need for multi-monitor configurations, means it can save working space on our desks. Work desk that had been filled with can be utilized for other things.

Job Multi-Tasking are More Comfortable

Sometimes, with aspect ratio 16: 9 we can feel less comfortable doing multi-tasking work due to the limited width of the monitor. But with aspect ratio 21: 9 course you will be able to do multi-tasking with more flexibility because it can open two windows or more at the same workplace and placed side by side on the screen without feeling the working window that is too narrow. Alternatively, you can work while enjoying multimedia content at once without sacrificing space for your work window.


Example image above depicts the monitor air-aspect ratio 21: 9, you can still work comfortably with files Excel or Power Point, while still getting updated information through your web browser.

The Video Content Enjoying Full Screen

Many PC users have complained of “black bar” when enjoying video content on the screen with aspect ratio 16: 9. It will not happen on the screen with aspect ratio 21: 9, since the ratio was the same as that used by modern videos. All black bars will disappear thanks to a wider aspect ratio. So with ultra-wide monitor you can enjoy video content with more comfortable in a full screen.

Playing Games with Display Over Width

Playing games! Those of you who do not play the game at this time. Indeed, playing the game with a 16: 9 monitor will not make you immediately lose in competition with your opponents. However, with the ultra-wide monitor that has the aspect ratio 21: 9, which of course makes the resolution of your screen is wider, can keep you one step ahead. You can get more visual width and of course a wider viewing angle than your opponents.

Example image above is an example of the picture of the gameplay the game Tom Clancy’s The Division and Assassin’s Creed Unity made by Ubisoft, where we compare the current dimainaka on the monitor with the aspect ratio 21: 9 to 16: 9. As you can see, the generation angle of view in the aspect 21: 9 wider than 16: 9 that allows you to see objects invisible when played on a monitor resolution of 16: 9.

Reduced Eye Fatigue Levels

Especially for the ultra-wide curved monitor, you will get extra comfort. This is because the curved monitors provide the same visibility on every corner in your eyes. This will automatically reduce your eye fatigue when used over long periods of time because your eyes do not need too often to adjust the focus for different viewing distances.

Monitor LG Ultra-Wide Curved 38UC99 is one example of a curved ultra-wide monitor arcing that might provide a use as we have described above. With a 38-inch screen WQHD +, resolusis 3840 x 1600 pixels, and an IPS panel, will give you the experience of a higher level in the visual content and enjoy the satisfaction of watching.

Do not stop there, to provide the best experience using this monitor, LG pinning feature On-Screen Control and Split Screen 2.0 that allows you to tune the image on the monitor without having to touch it.

LG is also pinning some interesting features on the LG Ultra-Wide Curved 38UC99 like AMD Freesync up to 75 Hz which lets you play games more comfortably, and USB Type-C ™ and USB 3.0 Quick Charge which lets you serve 4K video, data transfer, even to recharge the battery of your mobile devices, ranging from notebook (konektor Type-C) to the smartphone. In addition, there is Bluetooth Audio which you can connect your Bluetooth audio device to monitor this.

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