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Film series about a masked knight that ever aired on a private television Indonesia Bima-X is now present in android game, and brought the similarities in the film, the game in this android had followed the existing character on the television series.

Game knight Bima-X was developed by Clash Royale Hack Online Namco Bandai Entertainment Inc. and has a file size of 21.69 MB beginning but once installed it will be 109 MB. To play this game the required speed and skill in playing a character that will be used to fight against the enemy.

Characters knights and monsters in the game Milky-X are:

  • Bima Satria Garuda-X Flame Mode
  • Azazel (available upon completing Challenge Mode in area 8)
  • Iron Mask Reborn (can be obtained by completing Challenge Mode Area 8)
  • Skull-One Rod-
  • Bachyura
  • against lawmakers
  • Karax
  • Zacros
  • Zoik
  • Proteus
  • Rafflesian

Here is the review the main menu of the game Milky android Warrior-X :

1 . Single Mode

In Single Mode menu we will fight enemies with multiple levels of difficulty and also code masked knights and monsters are different. In Single Mode we will fight up to 8 enemies in turn. There are 5 levels of difficulty that can be played are:

  • Kids

Kids Level is a level that is very easy although in reality many are not able to play the game Milky-X so that the level of Kids even can not memenagkannya.

  • Easy

Easy level is a little more difficult when compared to the level of kids that need a little technique to win the battle here.

  • Normal

In the normal level is the level that provide resistance difficult because the enemies we face have pace in attack corresponding to the original.

  • Hard

If we choose Hard level then we encounter resistance to fight the enemy becomes more severe, with an outstanding ability to make enemies of our difficulty in defeating the opponent.

  • Very Hard

In Very Hard level is the highest level in this game because at this level we are required to move quickly characters that we play the game Milky-X if you do not want to lose.

2 . VS Mode

On the menu we would VS Mode against the computer (VS Com) or against a friend (VS Friend). In mode against the computer we only had one fight enemies by choosing where we want, whereas in mode against a friend we would against a friend using bluetooth device to menguhungkan our devices with the opponent.

In VS Mode also have some level that we play according to our desires, those levels are Kids, Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard.


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