Benefits of White Eggs For Face and Hair

Perhaps we have been familiar with the name of the egg because all know that eggs are one of the foods that are rich in protein so it is good for our health. But did you know that was in addition to delicious consumed, the eggs can also diandalan to address various skin problems such as acne, facial dull, oily and problem solving on the hair as the hair dandruff, itchy scalp to hair loss.
Well, even though this egg has tremendous benefits for both health and beauty, but in this article I will only discuss about the benefits of egg whites to your face and hair. If you are curious and want to know what are the benefits of egg white is mainly for skin and hair beauty then please refer to just the text below.
Benefits of Egg White For Face and Hair

Benefits of Egg White Face

1. Eliminate Acne
The first egg whites benefits is can eliminate acne and acne scars such as dark spots on the face us. Well, for those who face acne then do not worry and confused especially should buy acne medication is expensive because to eradicate acne fast and cheap enough to use egg whites.
To do that, take a chicken egg white and then apply on the entire face as wearing masks. We recommend you use when going to sleep at night, then let stand overnight and tomorrow morning in a new wash. Usually acne will be gone dalamw mengempes and short ime.
2. Skin Lightening Face
Everyone would want to have white skin and clean so no wonder if they are willing to expend a lot of money to buy bleach facial cream or doing facials disalon. In fact, many traditional materials are cheap and efficacy is not inferior to bleach facial cream that is worth considering. One of the natural ingredients that you can use to whiten the face is egg white.
Just set up just one piece chicken eggs, then take the white. The egg white can directly apply on your face. Use this egg white mask when going to sleep at night and let stand overnight, then rinse in the morning.
3. Smooth Skin
In addition, the egg white mask can also make your face smooth and moist. Well, for those who feel dry and rough skin of his face then can try using this egg white mask. How to use also it is simply to stay just apply chicken egg white on your face when you go to sleep at night and let stand overnight, then just rinse the next morning.
4. Eliminate Oil on the Face
Excessive oil on the face is very disturbing and makes one less confident. In fact, excessive oil on the face can also cause other problems such as acne.
Well, for those who have a problem with it then could try using egg white mask. Use egg white mask when going to sleep at night, then rinse the next morning. The use of routine will make your face to be cleaner and the oil that is on the face you will also be reduced.
5. Eliminate Wrinkles
Then, egg whites can also be relied upon to eliminate existing wrinkles on your face. Caranyanya so easily is, take the egg white and then apply on the face area of existing wrinkles. Let stand for 30 minutes and after that rinse with clean water. Usually the most vulnerable areas and often wrinkles appear is the forehead and under the eyes.

Benefits of Egg White Hair

1. Eliminate Dandruff
Dandruff is not trivial because it can make a person feel insecure. Now, therefore, if you start dandruff hair then do not let it go, but quickly resolved so that the problem of dandruff that you are experiencing does not become severe.
For those of you who want to get rid of dandruff then could try using egg whites and tomato concoction. This natural ingredient is powerful enough to overcome this and most importantly safe and cheap. How to make this very simple concoction that you simply mix the egg whites with tomatoes that have been crushed, then apply on your hair until uniform and stand alone for 15 minutes. After that, wash and rinse with clean water.
2. Overcoming Dry Hair
Dry hair also is a problem for everyone, even people who are willing to spend a lot of money to buy a wide range of hair care products in order to get the hair moist and tender.
To overcome the problem of dry hair is actually you can use natural ingredients are certainly cheap is simply a mixture of egg white and powdered milk. The trick makes it easy that you live alone mixed the egg whites and milk powder to taste and aduak until blended. After that, apply on your hair and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse and wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
3. Strong Hair
Egg whites are also useful to strengthen the hair so that your hair is fragile and easily fall. You simply mix the egg white is degan olive oil to taste, then spread evenly on the hair root to tip. Just let the mixture stick for 20 minutes on your hair. After that, rinse with clean water or may also use shampoo.
4. Overcoming Itching in Scalp
Although it seems trivial, itchy scalp is also very disturbing appearance. Well, for those who often experience itching on the scalp then try to use a potion or a mixture of egg white and salt. Mengaplikasikanya way very easily is enough dna egg white mix salt to taste and then apply on the hair until kekulit your head and give a little massage. This herb is effective to cope with itchy scalp while eliminating fleas.
5. Blacken Hair
Finally, you can use egg white to make the hair black. It is very easy that the egg white mix with coconut oil to taste, and stir until the ingredients are well blended. After that, apply on your hair evenly and diamkans ver 20 minutes. Then, simply rinse or wash your hair with water and shampoo.

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