Camera Brings Tips When Ascent

Plan a friend photograph the sunrise in Sindoro failed miserably. Best digital camera 2017 the lenses are fogged and batteries that have been in charge in full before leaving suddenly drop and almost exhausted. Disappointed for sure, since the moment when the burst of light penetrating the thin dew when the sun began to appear on the eastern horizon would not be repeated 2 times today.

Condensing lens and camera batteries quickly drop when climbing often become the main enemy of the climbers who like captures the natural beauty of the mountains.


There are some things which I often do to overcome it;

Separate in a special bag, complete with raincover

This is the most basic thing that needs to be known. I never mix the camera in a carrier, because the prone collision, Bring a bag for special cameras with fairly thick protective foam inside to protect from impacts. The climb is never easy, sepengalaman any climbing terrain always give unexpected.

In Sindoro, I had slipped and overturned because the skid shoes. I banged my camera bag quite hard stony ground. Luckily, additional protective foam and fabric that I wrap the camera body to successfully absorb impact severe. There are no abrasions and damage whatsoever in the camera.

Do not stay too long in the bag

Put the camera in the bag just as it passes through steep terrain and weight alone. Too long to keep it in the bag will make the camera take a long time to adjust to the outside temperature. Bags used must be made of air holes so that the temperature outside and inside the bag is not much different. The difference in temperature is too drastic to make the lens fogged. This is because when the cameras used to be heated, while the outside temperature is very cold.

I always draping a camera around his neck since the start of the climb and put in the bag just as it passes through terrain that feel heavy and can cause any camera is impacted as when I had to climb a cliff or down a slippery sandy path.

Take advantage of the miracle rice

Always ready rice in sufficient quantity during the climb. Not only for logistics eat, but also to ‘treat’ the lens fogged.

When the lens fogged already like my friend in Sindoro case, there are two options. Waiting outside temperature warmed up, or make the camera body temperature cool. I chose the second way. I took a taste logistics rice and put in a camera bag. My camera cover with rice, and cover tightly camera bag. The coldness of the rice makes the temperature inside the camera down more quickly. Dew in the lens was missing. If the temperature had cooled camera, keep the temperature stable. If too often experience drastic temperature changes can cause condensation on the lens and leave scars that can not be erased.

Alternatively, the sun just outside waiting outside temperatures warmed. But not too long, just 10-15 minutes.

battery problems

Camera batteries will easily drop amid cold temperatures. When going to bed, pull the battery and flip kamerai use armpit or groin so keeping the battery temperature remains warm. This thing I always do when climbing, in addition of course to prepare a backup battery.

If you climb a way tek-tok  or not stay, always keep the battery  was moist and warm. Bandage with a dry cloth tightly in a bag.

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