Choosing The Right Cardboard Box

When it comes to choosing a cardboard box that is correct for your product, there are some important aspects that you need to consider when making pabrik karton box your decision.

Make the wrong choice of box may cause an increased risk damaging your goods, Cardboard Box  lowering presentation of your items and maybe even more expensive.


The main things to consider:

Box Dimensions
Box Dimensions Choose the correct size of a cardboard box is very important. You have to measure the length, width and height of items or products carefully, and choose a box that could accommodate these measurements with an excess of the minimum.
It is important to note that the measurements are given on our website for a box always measurement box internal and written in the order length (L) x width (W) x Height (H)

Box strength
Box Wall Strength When the power box is an important consideration for protecting the products or goods, the most important specs to consider is whether the box is a wall with only one layer of grooved, or double walls with two layers of grooved. Double-walled cardboard are generally stronger and more rigid, however, the number of wall thickness should be considered.

Box Style
Box Cover the cardboard box that is most often seen in FEFCO 0201 style, this style using the flaps at the top and bottom of the box that can be taped together once assembled.
Various styles of cardboard boxes are available, including a removable lid, and a hinged lid.

Printing / label / Notices
Tape Fragile box often require specific information, such as those containing items especially fragile. This can be achieved by special printing on the box, however, printed tapes and labels with either custom or standard notifications (such as Fragile – Handle with care) are often more affordable solution that can be applied to each box.

Padding Products
Plastic bubble When packaging your product, it is important to consider the level of protection required. For a product that is fragile, a certain degree of cushioning may be needed, such as bubble wrap around the product itself and loose foam pads in the gap box. Be sure to account for this additional space when measuring your products and choose the size of your mailbox.

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