GAMES Review Assassin’s Creed Identity, Action Game Simple From Ubisoft Part 3

For that, knowing the circumstances surrounding the situation is a very important thing, to see if conditions allow to complete the mission without any fuss. Unfortunately it is often thwarted by camera angles on the Assassin’s Creed Identity is sometimes locked at a certain angle which is quite strange, and unfortunately it makes the player the trouble to look at the circumstances surrounding thoroughly.

Another thing that might be a little to Clash Royale Hack Tool make you disappointed is the Assassin’s Creed Identity can not be played on the best mode conditions. This game requires the player to stay online throughout the game progresses. Maybe this is not such a problem if you use the internet that does not use quotas, but for the internet is restricted by quotas, surely it became an obstacle. The development team says that they need the internet to make the content of the game is always up-to-date . Unfortunately, I did not get the exact information how much the game is spent downloading all data packets in the data.


The mission in Assassin’s Creed Identity can not be fairly long. Each mission will only take less than ten minutes. It seems to me pretty good, because then the game is very suitable to be played on mobile .Players still get good content, but played more simply. So you can play this game anywhere and anytime you have some free time.

The graphics are quite good, but still not exactly the same class with the console. The existence of a strange camera angles, I think we can still improve more because sometimes can be an obstacle during a combat. But beyond that, the mechanism of the game is made very well and I also like the control system that is responsive.

If you are a person who likes the game Assassin’s Creed on your PC, and may have long wanted an Assassin’s Creed game with the same game mechanics but can be played on an iPhone, then this is your golden opportunity to feel it directly.

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