How to Deal Growing Ornamental Leaves Kadaka

Kadaka is one type of ornamental plants are quite popular in Indonesia. Plants that have a different name this bird’s nest is actually a type of fern spikes plant is mostly found in damp places.


Normally we will find that many of these plants in the mountainous cold temperatures. It looks gorgeous with broad leaves shine like coated with wax to make the attraction . Tanaman hidroponik no wonder many people are attracted by the beauty of one plant and making it as an ornamental plant.

Plant this one usually live attached to the rod and the wall so it looks unique and show the impression of cool. This causes a lot of people who put ornamental plants in the home page to be used as a home decorator accents.

Besides being able to grow attached to the trunks of trees and walls, one plant can also be grown in a medium pot. If grown in a medium pot, the leaves will grow stretched in all directions to resemble a wave of love ornamental plants.

But that must be considered when you want to plant crops this kadaka around the house was noticed placement. Because kadaka release much pollen spores that can interfere with people who had problems with breathing.

To make the cultivation of plants that have pretty flowers is quite easy. Seeds of kadaka can be obtained from spores produced. The trick is to collect leaves ripe spores, usually brown. Next enter the leaves into plastic bags.

In the plastic bag kadaka spores spores are released and gathered into one. The spores who will forerunner of kadaka plant or a bird’s nest. Do not forget to prepare the planting medium for growing the spores.

Planting medium used to grow the spores kadaka is moss. Prepare a container which contains moss that has been given in sufficient ventilation. Do not forget to prepare the container lid. Before spores are sown should wet the media until moist, then sprinkle evenly spores in the media earlier.

Do not forget to close the container using plastic to keep it moist. For watering can be assisted by spayer smooth. Let stand for a few days then the spores spores will turn into sprouts.

After growing media look crowded because a lot of growing sprouts, can be directly transferred to the individual planting or potting media. Planting medium used can be charcoal, chopped fern, and coconut fiber.

Kadaka for treating plants is quite easy, just need to pay attention to the placement of plants. Plants should be placed in the shade and moist in order to live well. Keep the humidity by conducting regular watering.

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