How to Open Site Layarkaca21, New Blocked Internet Positive

Netizens are still noisier with the blocking of websites to watch free movies online Layarkaca21. Well, what solutions or ways to websites that provide movie content that foreign countries ?.

Tekno Team again made a special report on how to open the blocked sites by the government. ALIAS sites that are on the list of positives Internet. Technically there are several ways and the most common is to use a proxy.


There are many web sites proxy scattered in cyberspace. Openload can be opened in Google with keywords Free Web Proxy. After that enter the web address url or domain that you want to display. But we recommend to search for a web proxy Indonesia though more rapid access.

If you use the phone, do not be disappointed because there is a solution. Can directly download the VPN or SSH tools. Can also use a browser plugin for Mozilla or Google Chrome. Some sites can also be opened using Google DNS. Please go directly to the Windows Control panel. Then look for the menu Network and Internet. Discover Network and Sharing Center menu and then click on “Connection Properties”.

When it appeared a number of options. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4). Enter the DNS IP in sections and are available. This method can be used to open a web that is being blocked include Layarkaca21 or LK21 TV.

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