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It used to charge the smartphone is certainly the way of the charge. But thanks to the power of banks, now we can save resources and can be taken anywhere with ease. Power bank is a device made of carbon with a mixture of aluminum incorporating usb port to transfer power to your mobile phone. POWERBANK is now a must-have item of the users of the gadget. This is because the smartphone that we have had a limited battery capacity and would be quickly depleted if used continuously. Therefore, the power bank be the right choice to support the daily activities pal in using your phone, tablet, or smartphone.

There are a lot of different types POWERBANK with hundreds or even thousands of brands that unnerve us to determine what the best bank power that can be used. Not only the many brands that we seldom know, diverse power bank with large capacity and low prices also become its own diversity that we often encounter in the store gadget. You should know that each bank power has advantages, advantages, disadvantages, and weaknesses of each. If you are not careful in choosing the sense of disappointment was the one that would arise when the purchase is complete.

Yupss dragongadget.com will be happy to give tips to you to determine the right choice in selecting the best POWERBANK with low price and large capacity. But before that, let’s first recognize tips on selecting a power bank following:

  1. The First Step to buy power bank that you must pay attention to the brand. Make sure you buy a power bank with a trusted brand to make it more secure. Also, check the quality and also its capacity. Also make sure the power bank you choose has safety protection. Safety protection is securing resources when the fullness ngecas etc.
  2. Usually the price of power bank tailored to the capacity. When you buy, make sure the power bank anyway if you are equipped with the warranty card to avoid things like unwanted blown to spoil in your smartphone. As a result of your smartphone so broken. Certainly do not want it?
  3. Power bank with a large capacity also in great demand, especially gadgeters bank’s power capacity is large. The buyers do not understand about the product or product knowledge so they only see the large capacity and low prices just buy. I think the mindset of such expenditure should be modified where possible because of large capacity, durable can cheaply?
  4. Know where POWERBANK POWERBANK genuine and fake. The easiest way to identify a fake or genuine power bank is to mengkocok POWERBANK bottom to top. If no sound coming out meant it was a fake, but there is no sound at all mean original.
  5. Usually the original POWERBANK has written product information attached to the aluminum casing on POWERBANK. While false POWERBANK patches typically use paper to explain the product information, product number, types and brands of products.

How?? Not easily distinguish between genuine and counterfeit bank power after reading the above tips. Determining the price of quality so you adage to be careful in choosing POWERBANK. Do not until you actually look for Power bank with brand / product well known but KW. It is also usually very high demand by Indonesia. Bad symptoms that can be caused if you buy POWERBANK KW or false that the battery so quickly depleted, battery so hot temperature, battery so easy bubble / leak, the battery can explode and emit smells burnt. The worst effects of the use of false POWERBANK is vital damage to the chipset embedded in the smartphone processor. Instead you will think of a service fee or cost to replace the new hp better to be smart in buying and borrowing POWERBANK POWERBANK.

If my friend was looking for the best bank power, dragongadget.com will review some types of brands and types of bank power complete with pricing and capacity are given. 10 power rating here we recommend the best bank in terms of price POWERBANK cheap, POWERBANK large capacity, and quality POWERBANK good.

  1. Sony Portable Charger CP-F5 CycleEnergy 5000mAh

Companies established in 1946 once again made some gadget accessories is no less great. POWERBANK Sony CP-F5 is a power bank best, the strongest, and durable with a circle that is 500 times the amount of charge. After you perform charging over 500 times the full-on power bank (not a smartphone), then the amount of power capacity that can be accommodated is no longer 5000 mAh. Of course it is proved that the power of this bank can be used at least in a period of 2 years, any warranty of 2 years. What are the specifications of the Sony CP F5 is, let’s see the details.

Specification :

  • Power Capacity : 5000 mAh
  • USB Input: DC 5V / 1A
  • USB Output : DC 5V / 1.5 A
  • Battery Type : Li-poly Battery
  • Dimension : 7 x 13 x 0.94 cm
  • Weight : 198 gram
  • Recharge Time : Approx 7 H
  • Colour : Black, pink, blue, dark pink
  • Warranty : 2 years

Features :

Battery capacity of 5,000 mAh

Fast Charging with 1,5A otuput

Contains Sony-manufactured lithium-polymer rechargeable battery

Ultra slim aluminum body charger for charging smartphones on-the-go

Anti overcharging protection (Auto off after full charged gadgets)

Compatible with other devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Samsung, HTC, Xperia™, Cyber-shot™, Handycam® and Walkman® players.

Pass through charging (charge POWERBANK and gadgets simultaneously).

Charging via included AC-USB adapter or computer’s USB port.

All the features of the Sony CP POWERBANK F5 may not be what you get with other types of power banks with a relatively affordable price.

Price POWERBANK Sony CP-F5: Rp. 525.000, –

2. Asus ZenPower 10050 mAh

Ranked the second best bank in the existing power producers from Taiwan country is Asus. Asus ZenPower is the best bank power that has a similar feature with Sony and have their own advantages. The advantages are that charging a relatively faster than the Sony thanks to the fast charging technology faster. However, fast charging very quickly this will be felt if you use the smartphone as well as the brand Asus Asus Zenfone 4 Asus Zenfone 5 Asus Zenfone 6, and Asus Zenfone 2.

Package Contents :

  • Asus ZenPower Power Bank 10050mAh
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual Book
  • Authorized Warranty 1 Year by Asus

Technical Specifications :

  • Battery Capacity 10050mAh
  • Battery Japanese Panasonic Lithium-ion rechargeable cell
  • Input / Output: DC 5V 2.0A / 5V 2.4A DC Quick Charging
  • Dimension 90.5 x 59 x 22 mm

Price Power bank 10050 mAh ASUS ZenPower: Rp. 320.000, –

3. Yoobao Power bank

Yoobao is a manufacturer of power bank best that has been known a long time and has released several POWERBANK with variations of a large capacity of more than 10000 mAh namely Yoobao Concept POWERBANK Tesla with a capacity of 10200 mAh, Magic Wand POWERBANK a capacity of 13000 mAh, Magic Cube POWERBANK a capacity of 13000 mAh, Magic Box POWERBANK capacity of 10,400 mAh, and the Magic Wand POWERBANK 10400 mAh capacity. Believe not believe even Yoobao have up to 20400 mAh POWERBANK variant, Zeus POWERBANK.

Pros: Attractive design and color variation of the Magic Wand POWERBANK can be an alternative color options for the user. The number of selection of shapes, variations, and the capacity of POWERBANK Yoobao POWERBANK allows users to choose the most suitable for him.
Fares Yoobao Thunder POWERBANK YB561 13000 mAh Rp 500,000
Cheapest Price Yoobao Sunshine POWERBANK YB641 10400 mAh Rp 340,000
Latest Price Yoobao Magic Box POWERBANK YB635 11000 mAh Rp 295,000
Fares Yoobao Magic Box POWERBANK YB647 10400 mAh Rp 385,000
Fares Yoobao Magic Box POWERBANK YB645 Pro 10400 mAh Rp 360,000
Price Yoobao Magic Box POWERBANK YB655 11000 mAh Rp 430,000
Fares Yoobao Zeus POWERBANK YB666 20400 mAh Rp 950.000
Cheapest Price Yoobao Magic Cube II POWERBANK YB659 13000 mAh Rp 440,000
Fares Yoobao Magic Wand POWERBANK YB6014 10400 mAh Rp 310.000
Price Magic Wand POWERBANK lowest Yoobao 13000 mAh YB6016 Rp 410.000

4. Xiaomi Power bank 10400 mAH

Ranked the four existing companies from China that lately become a large company thanks to the gadget’s products with good quality, that Xiaomi. In addition to producing its flagship smartphone that many users love in Indonesia, Xiaomi also make Power bank with large capacity at a cheap price of course. According to a review of dragongadget.com, Xiaomi power bank that is best in its capacity of 10,400 mAh which has its benefits and advantages compared to other Xiaomi power bank.

In our observation, Xiaomi 10400 being the only power bank that has an optional accessory that is colorful silicon case is sold separately. Product Xiaomi 10400 mAh POWERBANK very good indeed, valuable selling rational, elegant design and worth buying. However, be careful! This time Xiaomi power bank 10400 is the most frequently counterfeited because many people vying for the best bank’s power. Learning from the experience of buying some of the products are genuine and fake Xiaomi, plus additional information from a variety of sources, dragongadget.com has simple tips to identify the authenticity of Xiaomi 10400. These tips can be applied even though you have never seen the original and fake Xiaomi 10400.

Torn sheath hard pack . Xiaomi 10400 has two kinds of packaging. Packaging First, a transparent hard plastic or acrylic. It poses Power Bank and charger cable is inserted into the acrylic box, then wrapped in white paper. Second, the packaging with cardboard package. Although thin, veil torn difficult Xiaomi original 10400. While the false veil 10400 Xiaomi very easily tear off just like a parking ticket mate tear.

The connector is white rice. It was explained that the body power bank 10400 Xiaomi there is a micro USB connector and a USB port. Try to pay attention to the inside with a fine. The connectors on the two plugs that should be white as rice. But if the connector on the inside of the white color, especially black, hmm … not the original Xiaomi power bank tuh.

Cable charger without logo Mi. Xiaomi 10400 sales package includes a single cable charger. The cable head and a plain white with no logo Mi. Connectors inside the USB plug is black. Physical appearance different fake charger cable. Cables are usually equipped with Mi logo and the inside is white.

Automatic Start Charging . When disconnected from the phone, Xiaomi original 10400 will immediately begin the charging process. Users do not need to press the power button. Xiaomi 10400 in counterfeit, usually the power button must be pressed first.

Two cables plugged in, the LED light stays off. One end of the charger cable included in the sales package Xiaomi 10400 tangible micro USB connector. One the other end in the form of a USB connector. Plug everything into two connectors contained in the body of the power bank.

Note Xiaomi 10400 responses that are before you. If the four LED lights on the power bank body stays off, congratulations, you get the original Xiaomi 10400. Conversely, when the lamp power LED on the body of the bank on, it seems you’re out of luck.

Price Xiaomi 10400 mAh Power bank: Rp 290.000, –

5. Samsung Power Bank 28000 mAh

Not only a manufacturer with a product prnjualan best-selling smartphone, Samsung increasingly proved itself to be the best after making POWERBANK with a capacity of 28,000 mAh. Different from other POWERBANK which has a body bongsor or large, Samsung created a thin power bank with big capacity that is easy to carry and handle. Thanks to a sophisticated innovation, now clutching POWERBANK will feel comfortable to carry around while traveling.

From experience dragongadget.com using Samsung Power Bank 28000 mAh Original, in fact POWERBANK is compatible to the Samsung Galaxy S6, Vandroid s4j, J1 Samsung, Blackberry Curve 8520, Smartfren Andromax G2, Blackberry Classic, Xiaomi mi 4, iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy Fame, and Samsung Grand 2 Smartphone is capable charged quickly and safely. Samsung Power Bank 24000 mAh battery capable of competing with other POWERBANK like Xiaomi and Asus ZenPower entrenched in third and fourth.


  • Dimensions 11 x 6.7 x 1cm
  • Weights: 150 grams
  • Input: DC 5V = 2A, Output: DC 5,1V = 2, 1A
  • There Box, Power Bank 28000 mAh Samsung, Connector 3 in 1
  • Colors to choose: White, Black, Gold, Purple

Price Samsung Power Bank 28000 mAh: Rp. 1.299 million, –

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