The Best Headphone: Velodyne Vfree Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Velodyne introduce another great quality headphone, Velodyne Vfree wireless bluetooth headphones. Most people will be tricked if they only see the outer appearance of this headphone. With glossy plastic design, Velodyne surprised people with its amazing bass system inside the small ear cups. With the addition of soft material to enhance comfort, this headphone is only weighted 6 ounces, mainly because of the plastic components. Velodyne Vfree packed with a lot of feature on its cups, but you can get his headphone with a rather low budget compared to any other option of its range. With this headphone, you get two option to use this headphone. With buetooth feature, you can use it wirelessly but if you want to use cables, you can also find a 3.5mm jack to plug the cable. The pack of this headphone already include the cable.

Velodyne Vfree headphone has a micro USB input to make it sure you won’t have problem charging it. This headphone has a rather small ear cup but quite comfortable for longer use. Some people who has big ear might find it hard to find comfort place fo this headphone. Another great feature is the addition of volume control as well as other control buttons. You can find all the control you need on the cups. Although when you use it for the first time, you might get confuse which button is which because all of the button has the same shape and size. For example, you might confuse with mashing the next track button when you mean to pause it. But surely, you will get used to it over time.

All the sound played with this headset using bluetooth, has a soft audio. Very refined and well-balanced. Whether you are a fan of heavy metal music or even slow pop genre, you will get the best quality of music through this headphone.

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