This is the 5 Advantages and Disadvantages 3 Diesel Engines

If you’re considering buying a new car, compare the advantages and disadvantages of diesel engines may be something you would do.

Consider the following facts to give you more information if want to choose a diesel or gasoline-powered cars. Diesel cars

 Diesel engine

Excess # 1

In terms of fuel economy, the diesel engine is above a gasoline engine.

Diesel engines generally provide 25 to 30 percent fuel mileage is better than gasoline engines.

The diesel engine can also provide fuel savings of as much as or more than a traditional gasoline-electric hybrid, depending on the model and the development of automotive technology that has been achieved.

Excess # 2

Diesel fuel is one of the most fuel efficient today. The efficiency of the diesel engine is better than the petrol engine, which in turn is able to save fuel better.

Excess # 3

Diesel engines do not require spark plugs. Therefore negate ignition maintenance and replacement parts.

Excess # 4

 Diesel engines are generally built stronger to withstand the higher compression.

As a result, diesel engines tend to be more durable than gasoline engines before major repairs.

Mercedes-Benz holds the record for longest-diesel engine durability that can operate up to nearly 1.5 million km.

Excess # 5

Diesel engines are known to have greater torque than gasoline engines.

Higher torque means better comfort, especially if you have heavy bulldoze fields.


Disadvantages # 1

Although solar is considered more efficient because it converts heat into energy, rather than throw it out the exhaust as a gasoline engine, in terms of acceleration, the diesel engine less than gasoline engines.

As a metaphor, the gasoline engine is like a racehorse – fast and fiery – while the diesel engine is more like mules – a slower, more powerful, and more durable.

Disadvantages # 2

Diesel engines still need regular maintenance to keep the condition remains good. You have to change the oil and fuel filters.

Diesel fuel is cleaner no longer require you to remove excess water from the engine system, but there are still many vehicles have a water separator that needs to be cleared manually.

Disadvantages # 3

If the neglect of maintenance and fuel injection systems are damaged, you may have to pay more to replace than gasoline engines because diesel engines generally have more advanced technology.

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