Types of Ornamental Plants Popular Flowers

In addition to plant herb and stalls alive, ornamental plants could be used as an alternative in terms of conceptual yard . Many kinds or types of ornamental plants commonly cultivated and become a favorite plants home.
Profits grow these plants can beautify the home environment so as to make the atmosphere comfortable and beautiful, this is very good to cool down when we feel tired due to the activities of everyday life.

Here are a few types popular ornamental plant being grown or collected and become a home favorite ornamental plants, which are: tanaman hias daun


Ornamental plants are very popular all, to the extent that people are not a hobbyist interest once certainly know the name of this one flower. In fact, due to its popularity it makes some musicians homeland including one Ismail Marzuki create works on the theme of orchids, outsiders can not you?
Flowers angrek actually have many kinds, mostly members of the tribe of flowering plants live in the tropics. Mentioned that Indonesia is one country that has a wealth of species of orchids are very high, while Thailand and Singapore to make this plant as “National Interest”.


In addition to producing oil from its seeds, sunflower known as an ornamental plant that has an interesting shape and color. The uniqueness of the plant flowers this compound is typical behavior that its interest is always facing the sun. How unique is it? The French call this flower as “Castaways of the Sun”.
Bougenville Purple

Ornamental plants popular with its colorful, besides Bougenville or paper flowers are also fairly easy in terms of maintenance. Several types of ornamental plants Bougainvillea is this famous ‘Red’; Bougainvillea Pultonii; Bougainvillea ‘Elizabeth Angus’; Bougainvillea ‘Easter Parade’ and Bougainvillea ‘Lady Mary Baring.


This beautiful flower turned out to have economic value is high enough, other than as a cut flower, the rose became one of the raw materials of the perfume industry. Some say that the needs of the world’s rose oil perfume industry is very high, one fulfilling the needs of the largest percentage as the rose oil refiners are Bulgaria, while the rest is equipped by Iran and Germany.
Jasmine flower

Plants flower, is closely related to traditions of the various ethnic groups in Indonesia, we can see that the budget is always used in every wedding ceremony various ethnic groups in our country.
In addition to this, the flower-scented typical for this kind of white jasmine is used as a national symbol that symbolizes purity and chastity , How to Deal Growing Ornamental Leaves Kadaka

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